Rockstar tired of griefers – You will be banned

There is some breaking news to share with everyone. Recently, Rockstar Games has announced a new community policy and guideline where new rules are enlisted. Our eyes quickly followed the lines down, just to see this wonderful new rule.

Playing fairly is integral to an enjoyable experience for everyone. Cheating is disruptive and counter to the spirit of friendly competition at the heart of our online games, while griefing can ruin the fun by creating a negative environment for one or more players. Both behaviours can lead to the loss of player privileges. We define these behaviours as follows:

  1. Cheating: Gaining an unfair advantage by using cheats, exploits, hacks, or other third-party software.
  2. Griefing: Intentionally annoying another player or interfering with their experience and progress by using the game in unintended ways (e.g., spawn killing, stream sniping, driving the wrong way in a Race with the intentions to disrupt).

Something i would like to see myself in my opinion.

This griefing issue has been ongoing for years and it’s now finally recognized as a huge problem in the community of GTA online. Sadly, we arent able to pull out the party flags this fast, as we still facing the problems with modmenu users. Something that Rockstar could do, is by allowing us going into a sandbox mode session.

This basically allows the user to do anything they like without the fear of being banned. You wanna mess around with your friends by doing some crazy stuff without losing your car over and over again? or would you more interested in the attempt to drive better without traffic at all or are you just interested how a car would drive or look like when its fully tuned? Sandbox can be a quick and simple solution.