Discord Updates – New poll system

Discord is making new updates and one of these new updates is going to be the poll system. The poll system is something we all already know about, but this poll system is something you want to watch out for.

While it’s normal to make a poll and let others vote on it, it’s sadly already known that it can be abused. Everyone who has writing possibilities on a channel will also have the ability to create a poll. We hope that if Discord is going to implement this new feature, that it won’t be abused and that only a server owner can do such a poll request otherwise the damages that can be done with this poll can be devastating.

Discord has also been working on loot boxes. Pitty enough, it seemed to be a prank between Discord and the data miners who like to peek around to see what’s been worked on. Little bit disappointed with this, as it does have a nice concept of an idea. It has potential. sponsored Quests where the user has to perform something ingame, to gain something on discord.