Pokemon Go – Get your AR back on track again

The problems are still ongoing and most of the players are still experiencing this issue. As of recently, there are a lot of videos coming on YouTube and other social media platforms to explain how to resolve this problem. Keep in mind that all these videos on YouTube are FAKE and all they give you on information is the same information they give you from the Niantic support.

However, there might be something that you could try out. It’s not a full guarantee of success, but it seems to be helping some of the players so why not give it a shot?

The steps to perform this potential fix.

  • Firstly, close down the app completely.
  • After that, go towards your settings and search for your apps.
  • Search for the Pokemon Go app, click it and look for the button that says clear cache.
  • Smash that button like a Cherokee drum. Go back one page when you are done and force stop the Pokemon Go app.

Once everything is done, make sure to restart your phone. Once your phone is fully rebooted, open up the Pokemon Go app and see if your buddy is not shy anymore to show himself. If you can and you see him, enjoy!

For those who still have the problem, I’m afraid that we have to wait for an Android update.