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Pokemon Go Guide – How to catch a shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokémon are rare variants with different colours in Pokémon Go. For example, the Tangela Pokemon is normally blue, but a shiny one contains green instead of blue. Litten’s shiny variant is white, while his normal body colour is black with red. 

This way, you can easily define a Pokemon as being shiny or not. You can also check out what you have by searching for your Pokemon in the Pokemon bag that you carry around. When searching, on your right side, you see an option called “more options”. Scroll a bit down and you see the option shiny there is a yellow icon with stars on it. 

Obtaining Shiny’s is nothing more than being lucky. Shinies can be in eggs, but also just randomly in the wild.

The odds of obtaining a Shiny in the Wild are rumoured to be 1 of 450. Meaning, that once every 450 Pokemon, you have a chance to find a shiny.