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The killing antidote – The Playtest

This wonderful new game that ended up on the shelves at Steam is a 3rd Person shooter called The Antidote. This newly released game contains lots of Shooting elements, fighting, dress-up, puzzle solving, and much more. A brave journalist who goes by the name of Jodi is on his way to find the legendary antidote that could lead up to the salvation of earth or well, what’s left of it.

This game brings your mindset to a whole new level, including puzzle-solving rooms and traps that the user should beware of. There is not much yet to talk about this game, but by the looks of it and my playtest, I can guarantee that this is going to be a good game to kill time a bit.

Gameplay features

– Realistic style rendering
– Beautiful landscaping and nature.
– The ability to find new clothing ingame.
– Scary zombie apocalyptic atmosphere
– Clever puzzle system with additional elements.
– Innovative random item mechanic
– Challenging battle modes
– Different types of zombies with different characteristics

When we have more information to share with you guys, we will let you know! Do you like the game and are you interested in it to playtest it as well? Visit their Steam page and apply today! Be quick, only a limited about of playtesters a day are being picked.

Small side note: Please beware of little eyes in your area. This game is adult-rated.