Community News

Radsz Aftermath – Community PvE updates

In the past several weeks, we have been performing several actions to increase the performance of the Rust server Radsz Aftermath. FacePunch updates made it harder to regulate RAM usage in the past several months. Luckily, due to the latest update release of the game, new ways are open to stabilize and resolve some of these issues.

While we have addressed these problems with the server, most of the problems we had before are now resolved. See here a full list of plugin updates we have performed over the past three weeks to increase the performance.

  • PvEMode
  • Convoy
  • Armored Trains
  • Defendable Homes
  • Defendable Bases
  • BossMonster
  • GasStation Event
  • NPC spawn
  • Raidable Bases
  • Static Loottables
  • Clans
  • Notify
  • ShoppyStock
  • Storage API ( shoppystock addon )
  • Truepve
  • Admin Radar
  • Quarry Lock ( to prevent others from yoinking your stuff )
  • Excavator lock ( to prevent others from yoinking your stuff )

In other news, we also are happy to announce a new plugin that we have recently added to the server. This allows the user to teleport back towards their base and see what the status is of their homes. All the user would now need to remember is the /homes command instead of 15 different kinds of commands.