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Something big is in the works – Radsz Aftermath

There is something coming soon to the online world of Radsz, the aftermath. Some of you might already know it when i’m coming with this awesome headline. Yes, you have it right! A new map is coming to Radsz aftermath soon. This time, we take the world upside down by almost removing the snow biome, leaving only the desert and temperate biome.

This map contains almost 80% pure desert-themed content, including two wicked starter zones in the temperate area. Explore the world once more, where everything is going to count. We have been working around the clock to Recreate our old most well-known iconic Custom monuments and scattered them around the map.

You are reading it correctly! All our monuments have been revisited, we made them bigger and better. This includes

  1. The lazuri Pit
  2. Chabby’s Town
  3. Grain silo Factory
  4. Underground Save Zones

however, we are not going to stop here. We also included paid premium content from codefling into the map

  1. Stalker Monuments
  2. Paint Ball Arena’s
  3. Radiated Power Plant
  4. Denkinz’s Medieval-Themed Housing Area
  5. Denkinz’s Wild West-Themed Housing Area

and why stop there?

  1. Custom Loot Crates with “Hidden Stash” as text on the side. These Crates are scattered around the map and contain some solid loot.
  2. Random “not marked on the map’ kind of hidden secrets to be found.
  3. A new custom event is coming back to the server.

We will have more information about this upcoming map release, including the date and more when we are ready to show you our creation. In the meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy some survival adventures!