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Enshrouded Guide – Where to find copper

To obtain copper ore, it’s advised to use the teleport Revelwood Ancient Spire and use your glider to fly towards the west. If you don’t know where the direction is, you could spot it by searching for the clay deposits as they are mostly in the nearby area as well. Keep in mind that if you find any foods during your trips, that you take it along with you. Its never a bad thing to bring more then what you need.

Another location where you will be able to find a very large amount of copper ore, is by going towards mark Of Sameth. Do keep in mind that some monsters are wandering around this area as well with a average combat level of 13. Copper ore was also found on the other side of the map that includes limestone as well. This can be found at the nomad Highlands Ancient Spire by going south.

If you would be looking to unlock better gear for the usage of copper ore, i strongly would recommend to also search for a large amount of flax. This is needed in various recipes to craft items, gear and improvements.