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Enshrouded Guide – Medical potions

The online world of Embervile is a dangerous place. A place where you have to survive and thrive. Having several health potions on the way can come in handy. All you would need to make them is to unlock the alchemist as well for Red mushrooms, Blue Berries and some water. Luckily, you might already notice that there is a lot of them growing in the wild.

With just a red mushroom, berries and some water, you can make yourself health potions that will heal you up to 200 HP. This will come in handy when you explore the world of Embervale.

Sidetip: If you have the chance, make yourself a settlement at Fenrig’s Farm. This can be found just above the wolf cave on the west side of the map. To access this area, you must have obtained a Grabbling hook. Fenrig’s Farm has 10 Berrie bushes and 12 red mushrooms. This makes it already 10 potions every time it respawns.