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Enshrouded Guide – The shroud

The shroud

One of the main things that you will see and feel is that a large amount of the storyline and your adventure in Enshrouded revolves around a weird cloudy fog. This fog is the so-called “the Shroud”. While there are inside the shroud several enemies to fight off, is the shroud itself also a danger to walk through.

In the online world of Enshrouded, Scattered across the map, you’ll see areas where the fog has taken over, making these spaces dangerous to enter. There is however some good news, as we have two kinds of Shroud that you should keep in mind.

  1. The blue shroud is good to go, but limited and a timer will show on the top of your screen.
  2. The red shroud is a Deadly shroud, and it could instantly kill you within seconds. 

How to access Red shrouded zones? 

this can be done by going towards your home altar. The flame that you have placed to claim a piece of land. This flame needs to be improved. If you are looking to find access to the clay area and copper, a level 3 flame is advised.