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Enshrouded Guide – Base Building

Base Building

In most survival games, you build yourself a nice small base, set up some workbenches and start crafting to survive. However, with Enshrouded, it goes even a step further. Building a base is something that can be worth your time and effort.

First and as usual, your base will be where you get that needed Rested buff so it’s worth investing time and energy into making your base cosy, as the higher your comfort level will become, the better your Rested buff will be.

Improving this can be done with different kinds of Furniture such as lamps and beds, Benches and Tables and heck, even pots and cans to drink and eat from.

If you like to go big, make sure that you upgrade your Flame Altar as it will allow you to make a bigger base. Meanwhile, strengthening your Flame Altar is also something to keep in mind, as it ensures you the ability to survive in the shroud for a longer period of time.