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Call of Duty – MW3 remaster listed as DLC update for mw2 on Cold War

It’s been several months since the last Modern Warfare 3 Remaster release was published. While we all waited for a thick new upcoming game, we felt this year’s release was more of a joke to make a few quick bucks. As everyone stated that the latest release was nothing more than an MW2 DLC, does it now look like it was the case all along.

Recently, a 3 Gigabyte worth of data was pushed as an update to all Call of Duty Cold War gamers. Even without the patch notes, we could clearly define some major changes in the zombie world, but also in the multiplayer and single-player parts. But, the most noticed update was the new main menu release, showing the mw3 game as a glorified mw2 DLC release.

In the upcoming season of Call of Duty, lots of new content will be released. However, rumours seemed to say that the storyline of Call of Duty Zombies on mw3 has been cut as nothing much has been planned for season 2, let alone the other upcoming seasons.