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Call of Duty – Cold war Patchnotes

In the past few days, a new patch was released for Call of duty Cold War. While there is not much to be found on the web about this patch and what’s been fixed, is there some game content and mechanics drastically changed. Addicted to Zombies gameplay? Well, it’s a bummer to say, but the game became bugged. We have made a list of all the things we found that have changed.

Please keep in mind that this information is based on our experience with the game as well as on smaller statements on the World Wide Web.

  • Motorbikes have a much better turn angle than before
  • Jibberish information about anti-hack improvements
  • Boss Zombies above stage 4 ( outbreak ) are more powerful
  • Storyline progression ( loading next level ) seems to go faster, even though I didn’t notice much about that part.
  • A Client Crash fix for older video cards ( AMD/NVIDIA )

Sadly, there have been also some downsides to this last update

  • Zombies can get stuck behind spawn areas. Manglers like to hide from you behind walls. ( this happens a lot on the map firebase Z )
  • Experience progression is still bugged as usual.
  • Team Players can become invisible.
  • Map tearing problems are occurring on Forsaken.
  • Map tearing problems are occurring on Die Machine.
  • The game Could completely refuse to load the map at all.