Unity lays off 25% of their employees

The story goes on in the game engine and development tool company “Unity”. It has revealed plans to lay off about 1,800 employees, which is roughly 25% of its total workforce. This latest bit of news shows once more that bad luck is on their side. It began in September 2023, when the company announced a new business model for its game engine business… You know, the model that majorly backfired where the original plan was to charge developers a small fee for each time a game was installed.

A large amount of Unity game developers have let their voices heard by protesting this move, stating that this install charge could financially impact them. Luckily, they redrew the unity changes back, but not before the damage was already done.

Unity has more plans in the upcoming weeks on what they are going to do to remain alive. I wonder what their next step will be.