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Steam Auth Timed out strikes again

It’s yet again another major outage at the servers of Steam. Currently, many players cannot connect to the Rust servers as an error would occur. Steam Auth Timed out has been an ongoing problem for several months but has been more frequent over the past few weeks.

I bet that many players are trying to find a solution to this ongoing problem. However, sadly I have to report that this is only going to be a waiting game. There is no solution for this ongoing problem and all we can do is wait for a solution in this.

The “Steam Auth Timeout” error in Rust mainly occurs upon joining the game but can also happen mid-game. This could occur if your internet is having a bad moment and many other reasons could cause such an issue, but this time it’s related to the Steam authorization servers itself and not from the client or game side.

This Problem is now ongoing for at least two hours straight where players are unable to connect, the first reports came in at 17:00 Amsterdam time and on social media, the complaints are slowly starting to pour in. It looks like it’s going to be another long afternoon of problems.