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EAC Timed out – Rust unplayable

You already have come across it, the error that no one likes to have in their console or on their screen. A timed-out connection between Steam and EAC is making the world of Rust crazy with the large amount of problems it’s facing.

In the past few days, we have seen a deep increase of timed outs on our Rust server, let alone the complaints from others on the forums. Most users reported that their desktop starts loading up faster as if you would be downloading a movie before it freezes and crashes.

FacePunch attempts to resolve this problem, but without success. It’s still a big issue on the side of EAC, which had some major backlash due to the drama at Epic Games. While players are facing this problem, does EAC have a problem on its own as well. Most anti-hacking measures are hosted on the player’s end of the unity engine while it should be hosted server-sided.

When these problems with EAC will be resolved, is anyone’s guess. but for now, we have to wait.