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Cold War zombies – How to complete The Dragon Trails

When playing Outbreak, there is a chance that you could come across one of the Dragon Trails. It is a large Rocket with a dragon head on top of it when activated. This rocket needs to be filled up with zombie souls to complete it. Every time, it should need approximately 20 zombies before it is fully completed. To trigger the event, you must have at least 500 points.

Interact with the computer that’s hooked onto the rocket. An alarm sound goes off and a circle is drawn. Remain inside this circle to kill the zombies and make progress. you are permitted to go outside that circle if it gets too hot to handle. Make sure to have toxic vines as a power-up, as it can come in handy to slow them down.

Once completed, please stay a bit away from the rockets as it’s about to be shot in the air. Once it’s been shot in the air, a crate is left on the ground. If it’s gold, you did a perfect job. if not, you still get a crate, but it’s lower odds of obtaining good loot.