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Call of Duty Zombies – Coffin Dance meme Easter Egg

To complete the Coffin Dance meme Easter Egg, you first have to start a session of Die machine. Once on the map, make your way towards the power switch. Only after the power is activated, this easter egg can be performed. Today, I’m explaining to you how to complete this easter egg so that you can show it towards your friends.

Firstly, make sure that you have activated the pack-a-punch by going through the portal that’s spawned in the centre of the room. Once entered, you get back to the above ground of the map to start searching for a portal. This is mostly indicated by which one you have to enter to activate the pack a punch.

Once activated, you get teleported back to the main world and a pack a punch system have been added as well. To complete the easter egg, you will now find several blue electro balls hidden in the same room as where you build the Pack A punch.

There are a few locations you can look at to find these orbs.

  • The first orb is located behind the vent just before entering the Elemental Pop & Power Room.
  • From the first orb, go up the right staircase towards the power room and in the corner by the computer terminals you’ll spot this orb behind a desk chair.
  • The 3rd one is quite hard to spot, but it’s hidden in the corner of a zombie spawn barrier at the bottom level of the room.
  • The 4th orb location is located at the top of the vent by the door that leads towards the Deadshot Daqurai room.
  • The fifth and final orb can be found down under the platform by the gear and weapon tier upgrade station.

Once fully completed, a short video will be played where zombies will be doing the familiar meme coffin dance. Even if it does not have accurate music, it’s clearly a reference to the coffin dance meme.