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Call of duty – The Plushie Bunny Party

Call of Duty’s map “Mauer der toten” has a secret Easter Egg that you would love to at least try out. The objective of this easter egg is very simple and you could obtain a free wonder weapon from it or a juggernaut perk. Have you not been able to complete this easter egg yet? Then I’m happy to present you the needed Requirements to complete it.

Sidenote: It’s a good idea to perform this as early in the rounds as possible. Crawlers are hard to make and zombies will speed up every round, making the collecting progress a challenge.
Sidenote: It’s a good idea to bring in a pack-a-punched weapon to ensure some good damage during the hunt.

If you have collected them all, you will be teleported into a new area. This area is inside a bunny nightclub. When you are inside, you see zombies dancing to the beat. While it’s funny to look at, the laughing disappears quickly when the beat drops and everyone comes after you. Survive 3 waves of zombies and elites to complete this easter egg event.

If survive and you win, there will be 3 doors available. Every door has its reward and you can only choose 1 door. Be quick though, after 2 minutes, you get teleported back to the main map. Do keep in mind that all zombies will instantly spawn again, so you have to run once spawned back into the map.