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How to find the secret Easter Egg altar – CoD Cold War Zombies

To find the secret place to claim your rewards, you’ll need to play Zombies’ Outbreak mode. The map rotation for each round of Outbreak is completely random, so you’ll want to keep playing until you get to the Zoo region or you could speed up this progress by finding yourself a carnival mask. These masks are hidden in the other maps. When interacted, it will play a sound. If it did, you will end up in the zoo on the next map you transport to.

Once you end up on the map, You’ll need to head to the Foothills area in the Northeast section of Zoo, where you’ll find a ritual site. There’s an altar here that you can interact with to unlock the rewards you’ve earned. However, Your rewards will depend on how many main quests you have completed of the main storyline of the game.

Once you have interacted with the altar, you will receive several rewards that include the following.

  • A permanent weapon upgrade. Your starting weapon will have an upgraded rarity for all future Zombies matches, but the rarity will yet again only depend on how many quests you’ve completed already.
  • 12 Emblems that you could unlock, depending on how many storyline quests you have completed.
  • 1 Dark Ops calling card.
  • 1 legendary watch that counts your headshots.

For those who do not know what to perform to obtain these rewards, the following quests must be completed. The more you complete, the bigger the rewards.

  • Die Maschine
  • Firebase Z
  • Outbreak main quest 1
  • Outbreak Operation Excision
  • Mauer der Toten
  • Forsaken