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No custom map – Radsz aftermath

Good morning folks, noize here with today’s information for our rust server. Sadly, at this time, the rusteditor is broken. This disallows us from building up the map for next week’s release. After several attempts to playtest the map myself to check if everything was working as intended, disaster struck. All vanilla monuments keep disappearing, leading to holes in the ground where the user could get killed.

All custom-made monuments do work, but for some reason, the vanilla monuments do not want to show up anymore. The bad part, this issue has already been ongoing for the past 2 months and I had hoped that it would be resolved once it got updated, but without success.

To keep the server going, we will get a smaller map for this month’s wipe. All other plans are still going to happen. I’m still going to shut down the whole server 48H before the wipe occurs. This is due to many changes in several plugins such as Raidable Bases that’s missing a few parts. I have to remove all base files and re-upload the newer versions, fixing a lot of bugs and cleaning up the mess that was made over the past few months.

The server settings as of now will be as follows. ( this is not the final setup and it may change )

  • 4500 sizes map
  • BluePrint wipe. ( last one for this year as this will change to a 3 months cycle instead of 1 )
  • PvE during the weeks and weekends as usual.
  • Economics will not be wiped for now. ( This might get wiped when we start with the new custom map if the editor gets fixed for once )