Rockstar – GTA5,Bully 2 & Fresh Pytoncode for GTA6 Leaked

One of the biggest horror experiences came true at Rockstar Media. Recently during the holidays, a leaker published the source code for the online game sensation GTA5. While it’s a terrible situation for Rockstar, does it give us a glimpse of what’s been cancelled during the years. After last year’s hack from a teenager, making over 100 gigabytes worth of data from Rockstar, is there yet another leak.

The open-source files of GTA5 have been leaked on Discord & Telegram numerous times. This also includes several screenshots of the game itself such as what has been canceled. For example, single player of GTA5 should had a few updates as well, but were canceled. This includes Manhunt as well for several DLC parts that came from Multiplayer and never ended on the single-player part.

The bad side is now, that the code has been leaked and is open for everyone to use, that hacks and cheats can be created much faster, making GTA5 yet again a dangerous place once more if you would be playing in random open lobbies.

Even worse is that recently created Python code for GTA6 has been leaked as well. As seen in a screenshot that’s wandering on Twitter, shows that the code is fresh and has recently been made, meaning that there is yet again another big breach at Rockstar and a huge backlash.