Steam Awards – Rust desperate for votes

The 2023 Steam Awards are coming close to an end and game developers are collecting their last votes to become victors for the Steam Rewards 2023. This year, the online game sensation Rust has been added to this list as well. However, they are very desperate for that. Of course, after their last fiasco with the whole Unity engine and their losing a solid 30% player base within two months would play a big role with it.

However, there are complaints ongoing that users are being bullied by notifications about how Rust has done their job “perfectly” and begs for a vote in the Steam awards. I would say the same about doing the job perfectly if you have no ideas and start looking in the mods section for a new feature. Developers of Rust had so many ideas being chucked at through websites like Nolt or social media, but they ignored 90% of it and only aimed for what’s worth putting time into.

Well, no one had asked for a DLC limbo. This year, they released more DLCs, than actual fixes that bring the game back on the map. Instead, they pretend to come up with new ideas, but in the meanwhile, they come from other communities.

  • Work is in progress on a Staged-based AI system to become raided by AI ( Defendable Bases, Defendable Homes, Random NPC Raids on codefling )
  • Work is in progress on a backpack system ( Backpacks on umod )
  • TrainYard event ( Armored Trains on Codefling and a very early trains mod on chaos code )
  • Bradley driving on the roads during the end before wipe day ( Convoy on codefling )

It clearly shows that Rust is out of ideas and is lurking on other websites for suggestions. However, it also means that content creators who made these mods happen would be stabbed in the back as their plugins become absolute as the event or system behind the mod has been added to the game.