RuneScape – Snow Imp’s Grotto event backfires

As Christmas is coming around the corner, the development team of Jagex wants to bring a special event towards the world of Runescape. However, while everything is meant with good intentions, has it created some major backlash from the community. It’s all about the new item called “The purple Santa Hat” that can be won by using the treasure hunt event with spending daily keys and earned or bought keys with real-life currency. Other ways of obtaining are possible, such as Christmas packing paper being converted into presents or by simply buying the item from another player or Grand Exchange.

The issue however lies with the Treasure Hunt event, as an additional bar was added that rewarded us with additional Christmas Packing paper. For Every 100 keys, we would obtain 3 purple gifts that give us a small chance of obtaining the new Santa hat. This has now been changed, where the user gets a golden present after 400 keys, meaning a guaranteed drop on the Santa hat.

Any users that passed the 100 keys mark a few times are outraged, as their spend keys are not being counted towards the total amount of keys they need for a golden present and yes, even for myself I feel disappointed, as I have been spending quite some keys on this. All the keys I have earned with dailies, missions and questing have been used by now. This event was not advertised beforehand, and added in without thinking of the potential backfire it could get.

The Twitter of Jagex and Runescape is starting to grow slowly with complaints about this event. I would strongly suggest not spending anything at all until this is been resolved, as it kinda feels like we are all being robbed of our daily keys, real-life bought keys with currencies and the keys that we earned by hard work.