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Black ops 2 Sequal Confirmed!

Breaking news! Recently leaked information confirms the next upcoming Call of Duty game for 2025 and Oboii, I was once again on the right end on what was coming next! Under the codename “Saturn” there are rumours ongoing of remastered MP maps and yes, our trustworthy round-based zombie system is coming back. Insider Gaming has recently received new intel that Call of Duty 2025 is currently in development as a direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

As leaked before, there were plans that there would be only remastered maps from Black Ops 2 coming back to the sequel, similar to how Modern Warfare 2’s (2009) maps came back in Modern Warfare 3. However, the current plan is to launch the new upcoming game with new maps and remastered maps in mind.

Although only one source would comment on the change, it was speculated that the game was likely in response to widespread fan criticism that painted Modern Warfare 3 as a glorified DLC to its 2022 predecessor. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 being one of the best top 5 games they sold, it makes sense that Activision will once again capitalize on nostalgia, while also giving players new and exciting content.

Rumours are ongoing that the players will face a new enemy after the death of Menendez and that the game is becoming a foot-on-the-ground game. This means that flying with exo suits or bunnyhopping with truster boosts like we did for example in black ops 3 is not going to be another futuristic gamesession.