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7D2D – Polls have ended and results are in

Today the polls for our upcoming adventure on 7 Days 2 Die have come to an end. The votes are counted and the polls have been closed. As you have spoken, we decided on the following changes for the next map adventure. If you have not been able to vote for the server this time, no worries! We will do more polls soon for the 7 Days 2 Die server to give everyone what they need. A good day of gaming and a fun time with friends.

  • Pre-seeded map with increased city spawns instead of wild nature.
  • The XP earnings remain the same.
  • Wipeday ( when the night gets skipped for the final Bloodmoon ) is set to 150 Days.
  • LootBounce will be set at 50%, making it a bit harder to progress on finding books and magazines.

The last day before the wipe will be played at day 100 or the end of Jan 2024.

Interested in joining this adventure with us? Join our discord and claim the 7 Days To Die role. Please do keep in mind that the slots for the server are set to a max of 16 users during this adventure, meaning that there is a chance that you won’t be able to play for a small period on our server until the season is over. ( 150 days ingame = 1 season )