Twitch banning spree caused many innocents to be banned.

Twitch is playing with their toys again. At the head office of Twitch, many staff members have been playing with the hammer over time. Sadly, they recently released a new wave of bans across their network, leading many users to be banned for no reason. One of the biggest topics streamers are struggling with is the bathtub category that Twitch had added to ensure that certain streams won’t be elsewhere to be found due to their content.

The idea behind the Twitch Bathtube/swimming pool category is for streamers who are enjoying the outside world in a bathtub such as a jacuzzi or swimming pool. There are a few streams that keep it inside the rulebooks, but there are a few that like to find the edge of the edge, to see how far Twitch will allow them going.

One of my friends, a good streamer has been permanently banned, as there was apparently a fraction of a second for a nipple to be shown in the mirror while changing for another cosplay suit. The best part, there was nothing to see at all, yet she got removed from the platform. The actual reason what we believe is that there were a few hungry men, reporting her after she said no on a titty flash. “We have pornhub for that,” she says, followed up by banning the users that asked it.

Several streamers that bring in the big money for Twitch are not banned. In fact, they are on a separate list of “don’t ban them” as they are a crucial income for Twitch. In a former leak from Twitch, there was a list that included quite a lot of users who should not be banned and surprisingly enough, a large amount of those streamers all have content that is related to 18+ adult content.

If i believe in something, it’s equal rights and fair play. Everything should have the right to stream, no matter the content. I do still however stand my ground on my last statement that bathtubs and swimming pool streams should be limited, but more in a way of

  • Watching something that’s listed as 18+ content? Forced to create an account first on Twitch.
  • 18+ channels should be removed from the homepage, and only allow them to be shown when toggling the NSFW switch. ( Not Safe For Work )
  • Income revenue should be 90% theirs. ( TBA, i believe all streamers should have this right )
  • The option to let users know that the content that’s about to be watched is 18+. ( a mature content warning before the stream plays )

However, there is some slightly good news, as they recently introduced a new option to allow a streamer or moderator to ban the user from even watching their streams. This is a great step as streamers sometimes were being recorded or restreamed elsewhere for malicious content.