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Important news about Radsz Aftermath PvE

Howdy survivors and friends, noize here. For the past several years, I’ve been the place to be when it comes to pve gaming for the online game Rust. I have been working on custom maps, organized events and gifted a lot of gamekeys. We had some great moments together when it came to our rust server. 

The PvE experience was great. We have seen many players towards our server in the past years and we are proud that we have given them the experience they needed. We made many new friends over the past years and everyone enjoyed it. Sadly, not everything lasts forever. 

In the past several months, we have seen a decrease in the interest of playing on a PvE server. besides being mangled by a bear or being shot by an NPC during an event, is there not much else that can support PvE gameplay, as the game is always meant to be PvP and raiding. 

I’m therefore sad to announce that we will be shutting down the doors to our PvE server at the end of the month. This means that after several years, there is an end coming to Radsz Aftermath. We will be ending our journey with a big bang and going into the new year…. under a new name and a new adventure! 

We are going back in time to the beginning of the community startup! meaning that PvP and raiding are coming back. While I’m working everything out on that part, would it mean that our rust server will be closed for several weeks, to convert everything to its PvP standards with new rules, new plugins and updated events to ensure smooth gameplay. 

If there is however no interest in a PvP server as well, then we will look into other game server opportunities elsewhere. Hosting a Rust server can become expensive and it would be a waste of resources if no one would be playing on it.

For those who are not interested in PvP gameplay and are sad to see us going back to PvP, we got you covered! During my years, I met an awesome server owner with an awesome PvE server. His server is similar to ours but contains the same love as what we have done with our server. He helped out with our problems, our skill-tree system and more. The average age of this server is 30+ and older and if I would like to see you happy playing, it would be with them. If you would like an invitation to this Discord server and gain access, let us know by creating a ticket on Discord. 

We are also going to continue on our Minecraft PvE Experience journey. But, that’s for another time to talk about. 

Our 7 Days 2 Die journey remains unaffected and can be joined as well. For whitelisting and obtaining the password, please create a ticket here on Discord.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported us in the past several years, my staff and donators to keep the server going. It’s time for the next chapter.

See you next time!