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Radsz aftermath – Patchnotes 7-12-2023

Good morning survivors and friends, noize here with the following upcoming patch notes of today’s monthly update from FacePunch. But, not only that, today I have already added a new plugin to the server that you can try out today. So, let us dive right into it!

The server patch notes are as follows.

Update includes:

  • Rust Birthday Party Favors
  • – Legacy Wooden Shelter
  • – Legacy Bow & Base DLCs
  • – Legacy Furnace Login Reward
  • – Updated Paint UI
  • – Ragdoll Overhaul
  • – Many improvements & fixes! ( as usual lol )

Daily Server Rewards

Yes, you are reading it correctly, Server Rewards is making a return after 2 years! Who does not like free items? Play every day for at least an hour actively to obtain a wicked reward from the server. The rewards variants from weapons, ammunition and even ingame cash! 

A few notes that come with this new event

  • – To open the panel, use /daily
  • – To access and claim the rewards, use /daily and click on the inventory in the right top corner of the screen. ( make sure to have room in your inventory before claiming it! ) 
  • – Claiming Items are blocked inside Blocked building zones, during a Raid or event.
  • – When the server wipes, all unclaimed rewards will be wiped along them so make sure to claim it on time!

We will be adding more days and more rewards over time. If you have a suggestion, let us know!