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Rust servers – Performance hotfix

An optional rust server update has been released today. While the devs stated it’s an optional update, is it something that’s coming in handy for larger communities as well as for servers with low-end specs. Are you a serverowner and reading this right now? I would strongly suggest updating now. A oxide Patch has been released as well.

Split different IO budget systems into specific queues by type. This should allow servers to maintain responsive monument IO even if something player deployed is throttling the IO queue.

Removed IOEntity.framebudgetms convar

Added IOEntityconvars:

-frameBudgetElectricHighPriorityMs (default 1ms)

-monument IO entities -frameBudgetElectricLowPriorityMs (default 0.5ms)

-all player-placed electrical entities -frameBudgetFluidMs (default 0.25ms) – all player-placed fluid entities

-frameBudgetKineticMs (default 1ms) – a small selection of monument entities like door wheels

-frameBudgetGenericMs (default 1ms) – currently unused

-frameBudgetIndustrialMs (default 0.25ms) – all industrial entities (this is separate from server.frameBudgetIndustrialMs where most of the work happens, hence the small budget)