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Big changes coming – Radsz aftermath

Good morning survivors and friends, noize here. Today I would like to chat about the upcoming changes that will occur in radsz aftermath. Before I go into this, I would like to say thank you to everyone who’s supporting the server. Without you guys, we would not be here today.

As everyone knows, the world of radsz was for several long months a vast open world that was seeded by the game. In January 2024, we will release our new upcoming map and for that, we have to perform a lot on the server in order to get everything ready on time. For this, we would need to work on the server. In order to work on the server, we will use the first monthly wipe session as a beta playtest.

As for the upcoming monthly wipe, we have the following changes planned.

  • Backpacks are going back the way they were before but still remain unlockable through the skill tree. Free members can have a maximum of 3 backpack rows while VIP users can unlock them all through the skill tree.
  • Skinbox becomes a VIP-only feature.
  • Limited Entities is making a return.

We will be also introducing a new plugin to the server that will aid with WelcomePanel. This page will only be shown once and allows us to show you our server guidelines. Once accepted, you won’t see it again anymore. The reason why we place several elements of the server back behind the VIP wall is due to the increased price costs of the server.

We would need a stronger server with more resources if we going to expand the map we are building up now even more. This is because I’m also planning to release new content on the map after some time. For example, a monument where with every month, something happened, giving you a new adventure every single time you enter that monument after the wipe.