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The feelings with Call of duty – MW3 2023

What a great release had to be, ended up in a big disaster. The online game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been successfully refunded. while their trailer showed us big promising words, became a long road of a quick cash grab in my eyesight. I felt betrayed and despite many users on the World Wide Web, warning of not preordering the game, I still did.

The storyline mode is a huge disaster. While the first mission looks promising as well for a minor few others, has the outcome of the full storyline mode been wasted with unneeded warzone elements. We love a good storyline with a game release, but these missions where you have the ability to go anywhere you like to “unlock” random weapons during the mission made me sad and disappointed. There is no remastered version of the storyline mode as they showed in their trailer, but a heap of leftovers, combined in the microwave for a few minutes and presented on a plate for us to eat.

“The reboot ate into the schedule and forced the developers to complete the new campaign in roughly 16 months—the shortest development time for a new Call of Duty game in years”

Bloomberg- Twitter

Bloomberg stated that the reboot ate into the schedule and that the campaign was packed together within 16 months. However, the former Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 storyline which took much much longer to complete, took only 20 months to come up with a storyline. Sledgehammer Games shows hereby that they still have not learned from their last backlash with Call of Duty Vanguard, where so much was planned, but where 40% of the total game idea was scrapped due to lack of time.

Will Call of Duty’s next game release also become a DLC?

highlikely possible yes. Recently, files were found of the Wunderwaffe, this was a prior release for the Call of Duty Zombies series on black ops inside the Modern Warfare 3 files. It would not surprise me if they would say the same thing again, by allowing us to grab everything we earned into the next era of gaming. Will I buy it? i don’t know, but I do know that the zombie mode we have now where everyone is being dropped on the map and working together is a no-go for me.