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New monuments coming to Radsz

There are some new monuments coming to Radsz’s upcoming map release. Today, I would like to talk about one of them. This building has been created by IONUT and the creation can be found back on codefling.

The monument that was created is a fan-based version of the stalker monument “Nuclear Power Plant” that can be seen in the wicked stalker game “Shadows of Chernobyl” and when I stumbled on the page to buy it, I could not resist supporting the creator and when the time was right to start buying in the assets for the design i have in mind for the map, i started to chuck out some hard-earned cash.

Thanks to the supporters of this month who bought VIP. Thanks to you, we had the ability to buy an additional monument from the same creator for the map, but more on that later.

This large monument is almost the same size as that from the launch site, but a perfect fit for my own Grain Silo monument creation as well as for our version of the lazuripit. You are reading it correctly, I have been able to update and merge some older builds of ours to the latest version of Rust. I was able to decrease a large amount of entities from these builds so that we can use them again.

  • Lazuri pit has been updated. Decreased the number of entities with 190 ents.
  • GrainSilo Monument has been updated. Decreased the number of entities with 2391 ents.

While I’m still working on the rust map, here are a few screenshots of the monument that’s been made by IONUT.