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Shanagara – The next Upcoming custom map for Radsz Aftermath

You are reading it correctly fellow survivors of the Radsz Aftermath server. As promised, we will be releasing some details about our map in the upcoming weeks. we would like to start with, this by announcing the new name for our map. Our map is set to be released during the first monthly wipe session of Rust in 2024.

What can you expect to see back on this map? Well, that’s a good question and we have all the answers for you. Today, I’ll be talking about the upcoming map its design and the idea of how we going to play the game.

The safe zone

Everyone knows the usual safe zones from the game itself. Compound and bandit camp. These two areas that you always have on the map are removed and replaced with two kinds of villages where you will be able to buy your goods and sell [REDACTED] to the local dealers in order to make money. These zones are also intended as spawn zones or respawn zones as they contain user spawn points, meaning that it’s likely possible that you will be spawning close to your friends. No need to wander across the map to meet up and start building.

These locations do contain more, such as NPC’s where you would be able to accept quests from as well for selling your items through the global marketplace. Even a car dealer.

The feds

Having [REDACTED] is illegal, so why not have actual laws on the server? The Feds, played by the staff members have the ability to provide you with a ticket, the option to “arrest” you and put you in jail for xx amount of minutes and even search you. Do keep in mind that the police are only able to confiscate items that are considered illegal.

If a user is placed in jail, he/she can apply for a court meeting. Here, we will talk about the things you have been jailed for. Of course, there is no need to be worried about becoming banned or anything, as it’s only intended as Roleplay.

The police might go on patrol during nighttime. If you become spotted and caught, you might have to pay us a small fine for being outside your base after the late hours unless there is a solid reason for it.


Our idea was to create a large open world with a thick fortress in the middle of the map. Sadly, due to map limitations of all the items going to the centre of the map to become despawned by plugins such as events, is it impossible to make something like this. This as the map coordinates 0 0 is the worst place to place something as it’s always a laggy area.

We sadly have to place that idea on the side, but we are already working on something else for that. We have mixed something together that you will love.