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Raidable Bases – Problems with turrets

It’s been several years that we have been using the plugin called “Raidable Bases” for our Rust server. It’s a great plugin, well-accepted by many server owners. I have their premium package deal, including all potential raidable base packs and if there was a need for support, we could always visit the plugin page and get the needed support.

Last month, a new system was added by FacePunch. Allowing the user only to have a certain amount of Turrets inside their base. At this moment, I believe that only 12 turrets inside 40 meters can be active at the same time. If you place more, this ends up in having other turrets starting to interfere, electro sparks from the turrets, indicating that it’s not working.

Sadly, this update also affected the raidable bases big time. As nightmare bases and Expert bases can easy have over 20 a 25 traps. As we had the turret system disabled, we could clearly see that when a nightmare base or expert base would spawn in, the effects became more than clear that these bases were the cause of the massive lag spikes now and then.

This turret problem is also one of the many reasons why we ask you not to build massive bases near the main road, this is due to the fact that if you use more turrets, you make lag for other players.