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Mw3 – A bad rushed Campaign

What a perfect release would have been with the promises they promised us during the trailer release, but it was a complete nightmare. The first mission made us all look like fools. The months leading up to Modern Warfare 3 have slowly shown us what this year’s Call of Duty is going to look like. Nowhere has this become clearer than in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, because dayum, I really feel betrayed by the pre-order.

Warzone has come up several times in the MW3 campaign missions, probably because of how much Sledgehammer’s Open Combat Missions resemble mini Warzone missions. These small little campaign levels, which make up around half of the campaign are really disliked by the community. Users thought that a full rework was made for the campaign and that the campaign at least would take longer than the silly 5 Hours. Only the first mission is reworked, the rest is just a big quick mess of collected content from last year’s release MW2.

as for the feedback, I could not agree even more that it is a matter of mismanaged expectations driven by how Activision has talked about Modern Warfare 3. It started in 2022, when Bloomberg reported that Call of Duty would not get a full premium release in 2023, instead opting for expansion content for Modern Warfare 2. Activision later announced Modern Warfare 3 as a full, business-as-usual $70 game but it looks to me that this is just a DLC… a very expensive one.

But, let’s not give up hope yet. I do have an interest in seeing how the new zombies are going to be. Rumours are ongoing that the zombie’s mode will allow you to play it solo as well, Which I rather do of course. Alone or with friends. Playing with more squads in a single match, I’m a bit unsure if that’s the best idea or not. Especially with the recent issues where hackers could obtain your information without too much trouble due to the leaks and problems the Call of duty series had.