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Radsz aftermath – A brand new Adventure awaits you!

A brand new adventure awaits you! We are happy to announce that we are working on a brand new map for our rust server that’s set to be released in jan 2024. While we had stated before that we are going to create a center-styled fortress for the cobalt, is it something that we sadly cannot provide to you in the form we had in mind. This is due to the 0, 0 coordinates rule, as it has been used for all events and such to be sent towards decay or being destroyed over time. This center location is also known for its laggy experience on low-end desktop users, so we scrapped the idea and started from scratch.

While most ideas are still the same, will there be a lot of changes coming to the server. We would like to go into 2024 with a blast by providing you with a new map to explore that we will use for a longer period of time. During the months, the map will “progress” and more “DLC-related” content will be added over time to enjoy. We are going to get rid of the full basics of the vanilla gameplay, meaning that everything is being chucked and mixed in a blender. The first time you join our server, it’s not going to be the usual build a base and go bonkers, but a real adventure. No compound, no bandit camp, but a custom city with actual NPC vendors to talk with.

This project is, however, a 50/50% odds of succeeding or not, not only due to the low popularity of the game in common due to a large number of hackers but also the fact that the game itself is becoming a sour leg play on low-end users while it keeps pooping out DLC’s we don’t need. I don’t mind keeping on going with hosting a Rust server, but only if there will be improvements in the player rate as well for the protection of the player base. The heck, the last event they released even randomly forced kills users that are in the nearby area of such dungeon spawn. why? Why making our player base mad with broken events while we trying our best to keep the player base going? Things really need to change.

For myself, as I stated I don’t mind keeping on going, i mean, we could add even more protection to the server if it’s really needed such as a forced discord join in order to join our server, i don’t like the idea myself, but for the safety of the players and fair gameplay, I don’t mind it to take it beyond the edges of the game to make that happen.