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FacePunch – Rust changes coming to the server

There are a few changes coming to rust in the next update for the online game sensation Rust. As usual, I release these kinds of messages on Discord for my own community members. But, as our website is completed, we will do it here instead so everyone can read it. As for my knowledge, these changes will be coming to rust.

Please, do keep in mind that this is still subject to change and that the end result may differ then the list I’m presenting here. Most information is fetched from the web or is related to chats that I had with others on the web.

  • Both oil rigs at sea will contain a highly concentrated amount of radiation.
  • Base Decor DLC (RP-related items )
  • Rework of Power Plant ( Commits showing PowerPlant 2.0 )
  • Metal Detectors
  • Water Catchers will Catch more rain faster
  • Train Signals, moar props for trains and an Entrance towards the deep dark underground metro system.
  • Storage barrels
  • Reworked Santa Mask ( Presuming for Christmas )

Our Community server wipe date

For our own rust server, we have a date set for the upcoming wipe. As always, we will shut down our rust server one hour before the actual wipe. This is to update the needed plugins and prep it for the upcoming hour. Please be advised that after the wipe, not all plugins might be working as intended.

This is due to the plugins coming from several websites such as umod or code fling. This together with time differences between plugin owners, might be the case that it takes a bit longer than normal to update a plugin.