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FacePunch brings Halloween to the servers

As you know, the Halloween event has begun. Players can enjoy spooky adventures during the last few days before wipe day. From dungeons and ghosts to zombies and well… a large amount of rubber and lag. Recently, after the latest game update to activate the Halloween event, the server its FPS dropped mentally from a solid 200+ SFPS to a stupid 60 SFPS. The event is yet again way too heavy to properly enjoy and there is no way to tackle this problem.

Last year, we had the same problems and now, the problems are back once more due to an event that’s not suitable for the game at this time.

Players will Timeout from time to time, as the server is having a hard time keeping up with the 20 different kinds of dungeons that are being generated over and over again. The number of problems does increase as well when users from a further distance of the server attempt to join our game server. Several Timed outs have been spotted on our side as well for a brand new error. Kicked: EAC: Corrupt or invalid backend message – internal data corruption

What we do have for fellow server owners is a few handy tips that you can look into. It’s not a guaranteed fix, but it would provide you some breath and your server will love you again for doing it.

    Server Command – Population

    • halloweendungeon.population Set this variable to enable, disable, or modify the number of Halloween dungeons that appear on the server
    • The halloweendungeon.population variable defaults to 1 on vanilla-based servers, which will spawn roughly 16 portals on a 4500 world-size seed-generated map.
    • After you apply this command, it will change the server’s setting without the need to restart the server itself, but you will need to save it in your start-up batch or server.cfg files in the event of a server restart.
    • Setting the convar to 0.5 or 0 will reduce the portal door spawns and, subsequently, the Halloween dungeon spawns by half and all, respectively. 
    • Be sure to use sane values; otherwise, it can have a drastic performance impact on the server.