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Sons of the Forest – Patchnotes

Good morning everyone, noize here with today’s patch notes from the online game sensation Sons of the Forest. As always, if you like to read more of this kind of news where I break down everything on what’s been changed, make sure to hit that join discord button and stay updated with the latest news and highlights! Before going into this, please be advised that the patch notes come from the Steam News area. The full list can be seen there.

The online game sensation Sons of the Forest has updated its Cave D system with a brand new touch. They have been adding some more decorations and i presume that there is more lurking around in the cave there. Make sure you get geared up well before entering it.

There are three new Blueprints that a user can find. It’s suggested to look for them as one of them actually includes a new trap design to defend your settlement from unwanted guests.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub from Sons of the Forest. This will be very helpful for them to look into the game its hood and fix where needed.


  • You can now use tarps to build walls
  • Added 3 new findable blueprints including a new trap
  • Added two new ??? Items
  • Complete re-work of cave D (and added some surprises)
  • Added extension to cave B
  • New skinned face mask enemy type ‘Henry’
  • Added new round table buildable
  • 2 new magazine props added
  • Bunch of new gore and hanging gore props
  • Added some new note pickups
  • Twins can now through and emerge from the ground in both caves and overworld


  • Items in inventory will now wobble for a moment when the inventory is opened
  • Reworked the item plating structure so that you do not need to use the grab bag to add the Solafite
  • Updated the notes tab in the blueprint book to be grey
  • The blueprint book will now show the current category page numbers at the top right of the page as well as on the previous and next buttons
  • Added Tab Collections to the blueprint book so that any page can be directly accessed
  • Updated the blueprint and tutorial books with the new tab images
  • Item plating structure can now be destroyed if it is attacked
  • Added an FPS limiter to the pause menu to fix GPUs being overworked
  • Switched a lot of item colliders to primitives to improve performance and reduce the risk of falling through terrain
  • The player is now more easily knocked down when hit by a golf cart
  • Added left-handed item support while using the log sledge
  • Added ranged weapon aiming sensitivity support to the spear, bow and slingshot
  • Smoothed out the transition between default and aimed sensitivity
  • Added localization for item perishable states
  • New backings and shadows were added to all blueprint images
  • Some details and tweaks to Cave b
  • Improved bunker entertainment lighting
  • Improved details in fishing huts and added breakable planks
  • Improved Solafite texture detail
  • Moved PJ’s to sailboat
  • Improved look of bloody katana
  • Improved fade range for portable light
  • A small wood bridge was added over the jump area in the hell cave
  • Added missing rocks to hell cave merged collision to stop enemies occasionally falling through the floor
  • Some improvements to cave A detailing
  • Merged collision meshes for cave and bunker transition groups and ice caves
  • Dynamic hanging skull lights added to some caves
  • Added weather occlusion to old fishing huts
  • Wall torch now has a fixed orientation, fixes edge cases where the slight tilt causes it to be visually not touching the supporting structure and not be linked for destruction
  • Lights are now positioned inside the light bulb for the freeform lightbulb and the powered cross instead of floating in front of it so that bringing objects near it looks more realistic
  • Being inside now prevents snow clumps from spawning at the player’s feet
  • Added new unfold animation when placing tarp ramps
  • Feather bursts tinted to match different coloured birds
  • Kelvin can now retrieve nearby spears
  • Added additional smoothing of the head look rotation on characters


  • Regular Puffies can no longer be skinned for creepy armour, and John2 increased to give 2 creepy armour
  • Can no longer parry helicopter attacks or body slams by the end boss
  • Reduced dismemberment on Heavy cannibal kick and club attacks, increased on boat engine