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Raid Shadow Legends – The annoying ads on YouTube

Have you ever heard of raid, shadow legends? The free game that’s been massively announced by YouTubers around the globe? Well, that game looks free, but it aint. Welcome to another headline, my name is noize and today, I’m taking you deeper into the world of scams and fraud.

Firstly, what is Raid, Shadow Legends? The game is an online app that users can download in the app store. While it looks similar to that from League of Legends, does this game make it a bit smaller in its form of click and progress.

The mobile game has been supported by a massive marketing push over the past year. Pretty much any YouTuber who’s even vaguely connected to the gaming industry has had a video sponsored by Raid. That’s completely fine… However, there is a deep dark shadow lurking about this game.

According to a tweet back in 2020 from the official Raid: Shadow Legends account, they don’t sponsor anyone. They “cooperate with” YouTubers that are already playing their game for quite some time now. And those YouTubers don’t take a dime for the privilege of promoting the game, instead, they get paid with ingame currencies they then can spend in the shop. This is however one complete lie. Why would YouTubers state “This video has been sponsored by” if something is not sponsored?

However, there are many YouTubers who became smart and rejected the offer of promoting Raid Shadow Legends on their channels and that’s really good. Youtubers that accepted the promo should not feel ashamed or anything, as it’s not their doing that they attempt to put a mobile app game in the hands of kids so they spend money from the credit cards of their parents but that from raid shadow legends. The game is playing it dirty, and this is why.

  1. The game looks perfect, I must admit that the artwork is done pretty well for the game.
  2. The game is free, but you clearly notice that you stand no chance of winning something after a short period. Real-life currency has to flow in order to win. ( pay2win model )
  3. Free users are nerfed and paid users are buffed ( pay2win model )

The creators of Raid: Shadow Legends are very clearly pursuing aggressive marketing for their mobile gaming app.

Their own insistence that they’re not sponsoring YouTubers is utterly bamboozling. When someone is being paid to advertise for a digital product, the law in most regions is crystal clear. It would be best if you made it evident that you are delivering a paid advertisement. So if Raid isn’t paying all these YouTubers, why are these supposedly free shout-outs labelled like paid advertisements?