Nothing is safe on Discord, not even private channels

There is a large amount of users that are using Discord on a daily base. Discord is a great alternative tool for chatting during gameplay with teammates or friends; users could create their own Discord server for this and invite their fans and friends over to join it. A server owner can create several awesome channels including voice channels, threads ( a forum-styled system ) and more. However, there is one major mistake that most users forget, and that is that nothing can be safe. While you give users permissions for what channel a user can see and what not, is it easy to discover what the server owner has based on private chatter.

Channels can be easily copied and duplicated on other discord channels. This includes all messages as well as images and videos that have been shared. For example, I strongly disagreed with the system that deadside is handling. They share a private password in their discord channels. Something that can be fished out super easy. Even for me, I could just fetch the information with a few simple clicks and a Python script, but they didn’t want to listen towards my findings, yet they still kept wondering why there were unwanted users on the private server, pure to be flaming towards staff members.

Everything can be stolen from Discord with a few simple clicks. It’s terrible that after so many years, discord has this issue ongoing. I do wonder if they would be bringing in some fixes on time, as when the server shop becomes active in Europe, I would wonder if those digital goods would be safe or not.

As you might be wondering, how can you copy something if you don’t have access to a Discord bot? Do you need a Discord bot for this? Well, sadly, I have to inform you that even your own user account could be used. ( Please keep in mind that I do NOT encourage you to do this as it is against the policy of Discord ) While Discord Bots have a UserID, is it the same as with a user itself. Both Discord bots and users share the same system when it comes to registering on Discord.

If users would be ending up here, seeing my story about this subject, but would be interested in some tips, I do have one solid tip for you. NEVER share any private data or chats through Discord unless you know what you are up to.


  • Sharing any private images that you don’t want leaked. (An upcoming Discord Update in December will expire all uploaded images after 48H )
  • Don’t share anything related to private passwords. Text can be fetched easily.
  • IP addresses, personal information such as Real Name, Age, and Where you live.
  • Private Documents or NDA files are hot potatoes for data miners.


  • Sharing images that are hosted elsewhere such as Google Drive or DropBox where you have full control over who can see it and who can download it.
  • Videos you want to share should be uploaded on YouTube for example. This way, if you want to delete it, it’s gone for good.