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Rust – Out of Top 25 Steam charts

The latest news is out. While the world of rust is waiting for the next upcoming patch today, is the boat sinking even more from rust and a new DLC is coming around the corner.

As many of you know, the upcoming DLC is related to another base-building skin. This skin was meant to be a top-tier skin. However, after many complaints, they reverted it and changed it to stone. Please keep in mind that if you do play on a Rust server, plugins might not see the new tiered skin yet, meaning that some plugins might not be working as intended.

The Steamcharts is not lying, but it seems that Rust is about to be booped from the top 25 most played games in 5 years of lead. This morning, there were only a small 20K players online while it normally should be double the amount. The game is being hit hard with the latest news about unity and its actions. There is also a video going on the web about an unreal engine version of Rust. However, we don’t know if this video is legit or just fan-made.

Rust is having a hard time and we hope that the tide will turn, but seeing it going deep in the dust with the hacked clients and hackers that we can’t ban, it does not look good. but we will keep our heads up and pray for a golden solution to this situation.