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Rust FacePunch Update Notes 5th Oct 2023

Rust its monthly wipe is not far away and the patch notes have already been released. What do we get this month on rust? Let us dive right into it.

The update includes:

  • TC Inventory Layout
  • Weather Events
  • Brutalist Building Skin
  • Homing Missile Launcher ADS
  • Tugboat Player Respawn Adjustments
  • Charitable Rust + Twitch Drops
  • Many QoL fixes & improvements!

TC Inventory Layout has been updated. This allows the user to add their spray can to the Tool Cupboard as well for a better UI design.

Weather Events are coming back it seems. More Rain, More fog and * much * FPS drops for low-end users I’m afraid.

The brutalist-building skin is becoming a Stone skin and NOT a Top Tier skin. This was changed after several complaints stated that this was going to be too much pay to win and its design for it was more aimed to be a stone skin design and not a top tier design.

The homing missile is having ADS support now. Thanks to the small screen on your launcher, you have now the ability to lock and aim.

The Tugboat is having some additional love from the Facepunch team. Players became kicked and killed quite often when they used a tugboat. FPS of the tugboat when using it has also been reduced and should be better than before.