Unity Engine – A ship on the edge of sinking.

Unity the world’s largest game engine, once held in high regard for its contributions to popular titles like Rust, Pokemon Go and Among Us has developers and players in fear for what’s to come

Indie Studios could be destroyed, Finished games could be prevented from release and development for many games could come to a grinding halt. What does this uncertainty mean for the future of rust and the possible release of rust 2.

Well, Unity took a big step forward for the company. Back in 2020, they offered attractive investments from individuals and companies, raising over 41 Billion dollars. Many hope that the success could lead to greater developments. Especially for Rust as FacePunch has been using it for their game since the beginning of 2013.

unfortunately, unity’s fortunes took a downturn in the years following its share price which had reached a peak of 196 dollars in 2021 plummeted to nearly 36 dollars a share as of September of 2023 representing a huge decline in shareholders. 

Unity made several mistakes.. or well, John Riccitello made a few mistakes. From calling out developers being D heads as an example. They bought WETA, the studio behind the Avatar and Lord of the Rings and they let the money roll on Parsec Cloud, a designing studio and as a cherry on top, they actually also bought Iron Source, a Malware company that is blacklisted on Windows by Microsoft and registered as a threat on virus total.

The boat of unity is sinking, shareholders have been massively selling their stock back to the market. This resulted in another 13 percent loss in stock value. As of the past few weeks, people are asking themselves what will happen with unity and what will happen with rust.

Before continuing, I would like to inform you that as of now, it’s my thoughts and mindset on what I think could be coming next. This is pure speculation based on the experience I have in the gaming industry and nothing should be taken seriously.

I think that, if they were working on the new Rust 2 game in a new engine, this would be their own engine. If this is the way it would go, it would mean that they need a lot of manpower in order to make a new engine. This would also mean that Rust itself won’t get any more new big content drops and only some leftover work would be done as well for security patches. 

Another crucial point to be taken is that, as of now, there are hacked clients on the market, making it impossible for server owners and FacePunch to ban the rotten apples and script kids from the servers. This is due to a simple misuse of a simple DLL in the game files. Awful, just awful.

I bet that’s also the main reason why there is a huge decline in the player base at this moment. Players are scared to lose their favourite game. ( Even the steam skin marketplace seems to be affected, as i noticed a lot of expensive skins going away for quite a lot cheaper than usual )