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Next Fest – Enshrouded – Open playtest

Interested in trying out a new game before release? Well, it is your lucky day as Enshrouded is coming with an open-play beta on the 9th of October this year. Have you wish listed the game and are still waiting on this day to see more from it? Then this is the event you are looking for.

The demo that will be released will offer a wide range of gameplay possibilities which players can customize to suit their personal adventuring playing style: building, fighting, befriending the first Legendary artisan, the Blacksmith, exploring, terraforming, tearing down, levelling up, and more. Within the pre-defined demo area, eager players will be able to construct, combat and craft in, either co-op or solo gameplay.

Your time in the online world of Enshrouded starts as you, the Flameborn, awaken to the devastated lands of Embervale. Helped by a mysterious entity known as the Flame, you will build Altars to aid your quest in rediscovering the forsaken realm, unveil the mystery of the deadly fog covering the land, and reclaim your kingdom!