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Fortnite cutting in budget. 870 workers fired. 

Fortnite cutting in budget. 870 workers fired. ( roughly 16% ) 

Fortnite is in heavy weather as it recently fired over 870 employees from the studio to save up costs. It is also selling the online app Bandcamp, the online music site it acquired just last year.

In a recent email towards the staff members, Epic said that they have been trying to cut in the costs. This however failed as there was still more money going out then than there was coming in.

“We concluded that layoffs are the only way, and that doing them now and on this scale will stabilize our finances,” CEO Tim Sweeney wrote.

Epic Games has cut its budget, even for the advertisements and is not accepting new employees to reduce costs and keep the head above sea level. The amount of actions that are being taken is seriously.

However, even with all the actions that have been taken, it’s still clearly noticeable that they are still cutting their costs. To be fair, I would start to wonder a bit about the future of Fortnite if it’s going downhill this fast. I mean, 870 employees being lifted from their duty is a large number.

Epic is also known for its gaming engine, Unreal Engine, which powers a number of successful titles including Fortnite and Night of the Dead. Fortnite is hugely popular worldwide, with an estimated 400 million registered users. This is four times higher than the player base of Rust.