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GamingHQ, a community for online gamers.

The perfect solution for your daily gaming needs.


Welcome to the Gaming HQ community. An perfect solution for your perfect online gaming experience. Gaming HQ provides trusted game reviews, a awesome clan wars system, the option to create your own clan page, self created tournaments, giveaways and many more.

The Gaming HQ community stands for fun and enjoyments. We are not a clan, but a community that’s freely to join for everyone. We even provide promotions and supporting streamers as well.

Gaming HQ even provides awesome games to play for free, mods to be downloaded and learning the basics in modding with awesome tutorials from the community itself.

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Check out awesome mods!

Check out the awesome zombie mods we played in the past few years. Some of them are even still playable on the world at war game engine or the black ops 3 engine.

If you want your map added, its free!




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